Manguera hidráulica trenzada de alambre

Manguera hidráulica trenzada de alambre

Steel Braided Hydraulic Hose

A steel braided hydraulic hose is a type of high-pressure hose used in hydraulic systems. It consists of an inner tube made of synthetic rubber or thermoplastic material, which is reinforced with one or more layers of braided steel wire. The steel braiding provides additional strength and flexibility to the hose, allowing it to withstand high pressure and temperature conditions.

Steel braided hydraulic hoses are commonly used in industrial and mobile equipment applications, including construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and mining equipment. They are designed to transfer hydraulic fluid under high pressure, such as hydraulic oil, fuel, or water-based fluids.

When you need high performance flexibility, you need Sanyeflex steel braided hydraulic hoses, couplings and accessories. One or two braid reinforcement technology gives this hose high kink resistance, excellent tensile strength and a smaller bend radius for high and medium pressure petroleum, water-based and general industrial fluid transfer. If you need resources for custom cut hose lengths, private labeling, safety and application training or hydraulic hose assemblies, Contact the Sanyeflex customer service team.

Single and double wire braided hydraulic hose systems

We offer hydraulic hoses for pressure as well as hydraulic hoses with wire braid for high temperatures.

Steel wire braided hydraulic hoses can be divided into various types according to the number of layers. Here we will introduce two types of wire braided hydraulic hoses that are widely used in the market. They are single-wire braided hose and double-wire braided hose.

Wire braided hoses can be used to transport petrochemicals and hydraulic fluids at higher pressures and temperatures. In addition, oil resistant steel wire braided hoses can provide a flexible connection between steel tubes in hydraulic systems. It is used in industrial applications such as hydraulic supports for mines, automatic hydraulic systems for oilfield extraction machinery, mining engineering, etc., especially as electric drill components. It can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +100°C and up to +125°C. The surface of the steel wire braided hydraulic hoses is also available in glossy or cloth finish.

Single-wire braided hoses

To provide a flexible connection in hydraulic systems using steel pipes or tubes, single wire braided hoses have a rubber hose, a single braided steel wire and a rubber cover.

Construction: The single wire braided hydraulic hose is made of an oil resistant synthetic rubber liner, a single wire braided reinforcement layer and an oil, fuel and abrasion resistant rubber outer layer.

Double wire braid hose

When a single layer of wire braid hose does not provide safety measures, a second layer of wire braid is added. There are two reasons to consider this: the additional wire provides a higher working pressure, the inner braid remains protected if the outer layer of the hose has been damaged, and the outer braid may rust and fail. This is an important consideration where the hose can suffer external damage and then be abandoned in the weather (e.g. agricultural machinery). Double filament braided hydraulic hoses are widely used in daily life and industry for their moderate price, wide range of application and providing certain safety.

This product can withstand extremely high temperatures, pressures and vacuums. Thanks to the second layer of braid, all the possibilities of bursting are greatly reduced.

Double filament braided hydraulic hose structure: made of oil-resistant synthetic rubber lining, two filament braided reinforcement layers separated by synthetic rubber layers, and oil-, fuel-, weather- and abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber outer layer.


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    SAE 100R5 is a type of hydraulic hose specification defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). It is a single wire braid reinforced hose with a textile cover and is designed for use in medium pressure hydraulic systems, air, and oil applications.
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